Alec Baldwin for Peta – Elephant Cruelty

Alec Baldwin for Peta

The cruelty to elephants in this short 4 minute video is something you need to watch and share. Alec Baldwin is a vegan and speaks up for animal cruelty in circuses.

I can’t go to circuses or rodeos anymore, I can’t bear the thought of elephants and other animals who are treated cruelly, frightened, their spirits broken, stripped from their families in order to ‘entertain’ me or my family for a few minutes. The word sentient being means that they have families, can feel pain, fear and separation from their offspring, we can learn to have compassion and treat them with kindness and love as we educate ourselves and practice non-violence toward ALL beings.

The only way to stop this cruelty is to not buy tickets to circuses that use animals, how about Cirque de Soleil as an entertainment option?



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