Updated: January 18, 2014

Awhile ago I took a coaching course about social entrepreneurship and, to my surprise realized that is what I have been doing for years. I truly believe that we can create companies and have jobs that speak to our most loving hearts, that we can make the world better with conscious choices about how we make our livings. Our ‘mindfulness’ is what creates our world and touches others. It doesn’t matter if we are aware of how we change others by our positive example, it matters that we are the positive example.

As I looked at what I do there was this pattern that continued to develop in my business style and home life that is focused on doing whatever I could to be compassionate and thoughtful to the planet, other beings and all that surrounds me.

It seemed fitting that this blog should focus on sharing with others the many ways that I continue to learn to live my life and build my business. As it becomes a blend of self-education, exploring and spiritual growth.

Any products that are offered are done with the intent that they are safe and kind to the earth, I want them to help people live healthier, be happier and feel connected. Our peace comes as we accept more of our connection and how each action affects ourselves and everyone around us.

The ideas in my book, Your Money, Your Power: 10 Ideas for Mindful Spending to Create a Healthy, Green Planet are focused on the power of each individuals daily actions and monetary choices in creating the peace, kindness and abundance that everyone deserves. People are beginning to ‘speak’ with their purchasing power and as we learn to understand that this power can change how corporations serve us we will make mindful spending decisions each time we buy that will affect the planet in as positive a manner as we can.

You can create massive change on the planet and for the animals by using vegan personal and health care in your home. Shop at my website crueltyfree.myarbonne.com for skin care, cosmetics, weight management, fitness, health and spa products. Independent Consultant #10311718.

Use and share the information and education offered freely, that’s why I write and find information for you.

Consider purchasing products that I offer. My intention is to offer you a greener lifestyle and share the guidance I find from others. Creating a greater awareness of our individual ability to create a better world.

A green living planet is what every being deserves.

Peace and Compassion to All,
Tana Dean


2 thoughts on “About

    • Hi, Thank You! I am grateful for what you do, I will be sharing your blog with others.
      Peace and Kindness

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