Vegan Product

Sumatran tiger, IndonesiaSome years ago I represented a company who’s mission was always to create superior botanical based products that work, formulate them in Switzerland and not use any animal or animal by-products. It was a nice business, but life happens, and I wandered. I found products, some in other countries, but, have never found a complete skin care, cosmetic, weight management, health, fitness and spa product line that is vegan.

I would find companies where part of the line was vegan, but, then other parts not, and found some that were not very honest in their responses to my questioning, using accepted verbiage to skirt around products that contained animal products and by-products. As my life became more focused on not using or eating animals I began having more discomfort knowing that the skin care line of a companies products was vegan but the other lines in that same company contained animal product. My intent is to do my best to live a life that supports and helps those who cannot speak for themselves and need us to stop the unspeakable cruelty that animals suffer every moment of every day due to our inhumane habits.

It is always a joy to write and share what I find and learn on my blog and I would like to dedicate more time, so, it would be wonderful to have some extra income as I spend my time sharing what I learn to create a more peaceful, safe and healthy planet. Shop at my website

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4 thoughts on “Vegan Product

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  2. We love, love, LOVE your blog! This information is vital to our health and inspires meditation, using clean vegan cosmetics, green living, etc…we look forward to your next post XO ~ Tresors!

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