Genetically Modified – it is what is sounds like

Early on when I first learned about genetically modified organisms (GMO) I was so shocked that I had been unknowingly eating, what I consider, to be non-food. Science is incredible and helps all of us in so many ways, but, tampering with our food in this manner just does not seem like it is the best for us and we can’t go backward once it is done.

If it was so good, had been tested and was providing us with a much healthier choice then organic, untampered food, it seems that the mega corporations creating it (mainly Monsanto) would be proud to let us know when we go into a grocery store that we are buying GMO. We don’t know because they do not have to label it.


So, what is GMO? This is my understanding. I’ll use an apple as an example. When someone wanted to create a, lets say, sweeter apple they would cross breed an apple tree with an apple tree. Similar species were used to create something different. This was the only way that agriculturist had to enhance or create different strains of food.

Genetically modified means that plants, animals (even human), insects and other organisms can be cross bred to create food. So, for example, that genetically modified tomato that you purchased could be cross bred with a pig, rat, lobster, cockroach or any other organism and there was no testing before this non-food was placed on our grocery shelves. Scientists have no idea of the long-term effects of this form of food and we are the laboratory rats. There are genetically modified goats with spiders and coming soon, genetically modified fish.

And, probably all of us, in one form or another have eaten GMOs because they are now so prolific in our food systems, in the US we don’t have to be told. Other countries have chosen to ban GMOs in their food systems and there are new studies showing that organic farming not only can grow a crop equal to GMOs but it can also exceed it after a number of years. So, the idea that we MUST have them to stave off starvation does not seem to be true.

What about your religious/spiritual philosophy?

It surprises me that the religious/spiritual community has not begun more discussions about the manipulation of our food sources. How can someone practice their belief, which includes specific dietary needs, when they don’t know if pigs or crustaceans have been used to create what they are eating. How will people be able to follow their chosen religous/spiritual philosophy if they don’t have the right to know how their food is created.

I plan on writing more about this subject as a lay person would write for another lay person, because those who want to control our food have millions, no billions of dollars to spend and are poised to control our food sources. But, we do have choices, growing gardens, buying organic when we can, learning how to purchase non-GMO food. I’ll work at trying to share with you some options that I know and will be learning about.

We deserve and need to know that our food sources are safe for ourselves and future generations.


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